Tailor your Status Reports

  • Customise the included content

  • Assign RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status to your Project Status Report

  • Enhance your Status Report by adding additional information as required

  • Produce summary or detailed level reports to match individual requirements

Report on your project's Schedule

  • Report progress against your project’s Schedule by selecting Completed, In Progress, Late and Milestone tasks

Report on your project's finances

  • Report the current status of your project’s finances highlighting the forecast, actual and remaining spend

Report on your project's Risks and Issues

  • Highlight key Risks that if realised may damage your project

  • Highlight key Issues that require immediate attention

Save your reports

  • Archive your Project Status Reports for future reference

Publish or Print your reports

  • Email your Project Status Reports to selected project Stakeholders or external email addresses

  • Print your new or archived Project Status Reports

Need more details?
Please read our Documentation for a more indepth understanding of Project Status Reports and their use within the application.