Quality Management Plan

  • Build quality management into your projects right from the start

  • Define your Quality Management Strategy to include:

    • Quality Assurance Processes

    • Scope Management

    • Change Management Strategy

    • Testing Strategy

    • Defect Repair Strategy

    • Configuration Management

    • Review and Approvals

Cost Management Plan

  • Manage your project’s budget by ensuring an effective Cost Management Strategy is in place

  • Define your Cost Management Strategy to include:

    • Cost planning

    • Divide costs into four categories

    • Financial reporting

Schedule Management Plan

  • Produce effective and reliable project plans by defining how you plan to schedule your project

  • Define your Schedule Management Strategy to include:

    • Schedule format

    • Mandatory attributes

    • Progress reporting

Risk Management Plan

  • Stop your project’s risks turning into expensive issues via a simple Risk Response Strategy

  • Defineyour Risk Management Strategy to:

    • Develop Risk and Issue Management Strategies

    • Perform risk response planning

Communication Management Plan

  • Avoid expensive misunderstandings by ensuring an effective communication plan is in place

  • Define your Communication Management Strategies to include:

    • Reports

    • Meetings

    • Presentations

Procurement Management Plan

  • Define the supplier selection process and on-going quality management

  • Define your Procurement Management Strategies tto:

    • Improve supplier selection

    • Enhance contract negotiation

    • Ensure quality control

Human Resource Management Plan

  • Establish, build and develop your project teams in order to achieve the best results

  • Develop your HR Management Strategies to:

    • Define the requires skills

    • Establish an appropriate project team structure

    • Develop your project team

Need more details?
Please read our Documentation for a more indepth understanding of Project Management Processes and their use within the application.