Guarantee your project has the right leadership

  • Setup a Steering Group to provide project oversight

  • Establish a Change Control Board to minimise risks to the business

  • Appoint a Project Manager to monitor and control the overall project

  • Assign a Project Sponsor to designate overall project ownership

Ensure you have the right team

  • Define Project Roles, assigning Responsibilities and Required Skills

  • Assign Project Roles to Stakeholders

  • Highlight missing skills within your project team using the Required Skill Matrix tool

Ensure your team have access to the tools they need

  • Grant or revoke Stakeholder permissions on specific documents, tools and features within the project

  • Different Dashboard layouts for Admin and Standard Users

  • Use Limited View to restrict a Stakeholder to a minimal set of features

  • Use Permission Templates to speed up configuration

Ensure that your stakeholders are fully engaged

  • Manage individual stakeholder engagement levels within your project using the Stakeholder Analysis tool

Import stakeholders

  • Import stakeholders from similar project’s to save time and effort

Need more details?
Please read our Documentation for a more indepth understanding of Stakeholders and their use within the application.